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First stage of multi-level College and Career Readiness System of Study (CCR-SOS) that advances intellectual curiosity, conscientiousness, dependability, emotional stability, and perseverance through tasks that foster deeper levels of thinking and reasoning in the four core content areas. The Path secondary course series focuses on developing the habits and skills that are expected in college study and the workforce.

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Block Scheduling at LTHS

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Lake Travis High School has block scheduling unlike regular scheduling which gives students the same classes very day. Block scheduling offers 8 courses per school year without counting courses possibly taken outside of school hours through ACC, UT High School, Texas Tech, or summer school. You'll have an A Day with four of the 8 classes and a B Day with the other 4 classes and then they alternate.

Your senior year, you'll have the option of having an early release or late arrival period. You may also choose to be an office aid, teacher's aid or take an independent study period.

Check the Course Curriculum Guide for Grad Plan Options and which courses you'll need for each one. (If this link doesn't work, use the search feature on the LTISD website to search "course catalog".

At the end of your 8th grade year, you should make your first draft of your 4 year plan. This will evolve as you evolve through high school.

I hear “but I’ve already finished my four year plan” many times with confused looks from freshman and sophomores. There are new classes available each year that might not have existed at the end 8th grade. You may be inspired by an awesome teacher or find a competition team or an organization that requires certain prerequisites. You may even decide to graduate early which is not difficult to do with block scheduling.

Make certain that you consult with your guidance counselor to double check that you’re on the right course for graduation. As they get to know you, they’ll be able to make personalized recommendations on courses. They also know the teachers and the new electives.

TIP!!! In order to seek your counselor's advice, you must be proactive and sign up to see them. They cannot read your mind. Be prepared with a list of questions.


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