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First stage of multi-level College and Career Readiness System of Study (CCR-SOS) that advances intellectual curiosity, conscientiousness, dependability, emotional stability, and perseverance through tasks that foster deeper levels of thinking and reasoning in the four core content areas. The Path secondary course series focuses on developing the habits and skills that are expected in college study and the workforce.

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Finish Strong!

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

We're reaching last of the 9 weeks quarters. This semester, it starts the week before Spring Break. Expect that your teachers are going to have assignments and work to do even though it's before the break. They may even assign work to be done over the break.

Senioritis will hit since you've already been accepted into college. You need to get that diploma. Continue to turn things in to your teachers, even if you feel it's not 100% complete. Focus on keeping up the same routine.


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