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First stage of multi-level College and Career Readiness System of Study (CCR-SOS) that advances intellectual curiosity, conscientiousness, dependability, emotional stability, and perseverance through tasks that foster deeper levels of thinking and reasoning in the four core content areas. The Path secondary course series focuses on developing the habits and skills that are expected in college study and the workforce.

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GPA and Lake Travis HS

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Lake Travis High School is not your average high school. It's very difficult and much more rigorous than regular public high schools. It also has a very high population of around 3500. The number of students taking AP tests and passing are strong. A student in the top 25% of LTHS could easily be in the top 10% in another school with the same grades. This is why we have unique issues with GPA and Rank.

Your report card will not have Rank or Weighted GPA listed. You may ask your counselors for your quartile so you may see where you fall in the Assured Admissions chart for colleges. This must be done in person after you make an appointment with them. NOT over the phone and NOT by email.

You will be able to find an unweighted GPA on a 4.0 Scale and on a 100.00 Scale. When applying to colleges, you will use the letter found on the counseling website with the school's letterhead explaining that the school doesn't give rank or a weighted GPA on transcripts.

Remember: Your transcript will still show all of the courses and your grades. This will encourage a broader understanding of the student instead of basing their entire decision on the two numbers of Weighted GPA and Rank.

This is a very good thing for our students. The amount of stress and anxiety coming from these numbers is not healthy. With online grading systems, you can see your grade change in each class right as teachers input scores, which is stressful enough.

If you're not in the Top 10%, Valedictorian, or Salutatorian, we need to think more about designing your transcript just like you would design an academic resume.

You want good grades, but also take courses that challenge you at the Honors, Dual Credit, and AP levels as you can comfortably handle on your student plate. Your electives should say something about your interests.


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