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First stage of multi-level College and Career Readiness System of Study (CCR-SOS) that advances intellectual curiosity, conscientiousness, dependability, emotional stability, and perseverance through tasks that foster deeper levels of thinking and reasoning in the four core content areas. The Path secondary course series focuses on developing the habits and skills that are expected in college study and the workforce.

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Tidy Up Your Student Life

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Your backpack and everything in it needs to be treated respectfully. Using simple steps, you can enjoy your school belongings. Let's find joy and pride instead of dread and frustration.

5 Steps to how to organize all of the papers in your life:

#1 Dump- Empty everything you own for school in a pile in the center of your room. This include your folders, binders, school papers, supplies, stuff in your desk, stuff under your desk, and anywhere else you have items for your education.

#2 Sort- Second, separate everything into piles. The different piles may be different than your friend who may have other classes. For example, if you have Art, you'll have a lot of supplies in a pile compared to your friend who has Choir who would probably have extra sheet music papers. Make certain that you give yourself a maybe pile that will probably be kept but not be carried around in your backpack everyday.

#3 Purge- Start with the easy trash. Wrappers, old food, receipts, etc. If you wish to keep old notes for midterms, AP tests, and finals, place these materials in their own binders and keep them in a visible location in your room. Don't hide them in a closet or else you'll forget they're there.

#4- Label- Get tabs and labels with your favorite markers or colored ink pens. Give each pile a home in either a binder or folder. There are accordion-like folders that may be more of your style. Shop around and see what kind of tools you prefer. This process builds pride so don't rush yourself through it.

#5 Plan a Routine- tell yourself that you'll do this at least every third or quarter period. Once a week for small maintenance is good for reviewing notes. Think of this not as a chore but as a way to increase awareness of your units and material that the teachers want you to learn.


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